Photoart Devotional Series

Although this series of books is numbered, the Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 52-week Christian devotional books do not have to be read/studied in any particular order.


Unique Bible Scripture devotional book containing inspirational photos paired with Scripture; second volume of the Selkirk Mountain Inspiration series. A wonderful gift for yourself or a Christian friend, co-worker or relative for Christmas, birthday, graduation, anniversary or any occasion. 
In Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 2, author and photographer Gretchen Slinker Jones continues you on your journey through the incredible beauty of God’s creation. There is no limit to the wonders He has created, and we trust you will be inspired each week to draw closer to Him in your Christian walk. 
Each devotional thought brings insight that will encourage you as you start or finish your week. 
Although Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 2 is designed with the general idea of beginning a year of enjoyment and refreshment in January, it can be started any time of the year. Begins with John 14:6. The bonus section in this volume is titled Puttin’ In Time on the Rockpile. 
The original Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 1 begins with John 3:16 and Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 3 begins with Romans 10:9.

Spelling & Vocabulary Via Poetry

Not just for homeschooled families, the RSVP (Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Presentation) series of textbooks is a great tool for public and parochial schools, as well.

Created in April of 2011, this new series will be expanded over the next several years.

A must-have vocabulary and spelling textbook for both home-school parents and English teachers. Eighth grade level spelling and vocabulary skills lesson textbook using poetry as the basis for coordinated reading, spelling, vocabulary, writing and recitation lessons. To achieve the highest level of reading comprehension, there is no shortcut to, or substitute for, learning to use tens of thousands of words in their various contextual applications. Easy-to-use lessons encourage students to read and appreciate poetry while building vocabulary and spelling skills in the quest for enhanced reading comprehension. General EALRs included. Part of the RSVP Reading2Presentation Skill-Building Series. Digital worksheet print set available for purchase at in the Home-school resources section.

Résumé Writing For Young Adults

Truth be told, it is difficult for high school students to write a meaningful résumé. Can it be done? Of course. Should it be done? Definitely!

Beginning in the 9th grade year, students can be taught the basics of what a résumé is and why individuals need a good one. This instruction should also encourage students to spend their four years of high school building marketable job skills and abilities, achieving awards and honors, and serving their community in a variety of activities and endeavors.

After writing and teaching a condensed résumé course and adapting it for Christian workers, it became apparent that an edition for high school and early college aged students was needed.

Available since March of 2103, the young adults Career & Technical Edition includes a complete section on preparation for the FFA CDE (Career Development Events) competition.

A teacher’s edition for this edition will be available in early summer 2015.


FFA Leaders and FFA Job Interview competitors, this is the ultimate resource for writing résumés. YRACC© For Young Adults is focused on teaching high school students and early college undergrads the art of résumé writing. It is clearly not just another résumé book. This text is an actual instructional study course developed from the author’s three-hour group workshop presentation and more than 20 years of experience writing résumés and teaching résumé writing – an in-depth teaching tool that you will not commonly find in most available résumé writing books. 
21st Century high school students graduate from school with a portfolio that virtually always includes a résumé and letters of recommendation. It is disturbing how many of those résumés could be described as pitiful! Résumé writing for high school-aged students presents special challenges that most résumé writing books on the market today do not address. 
YRACC© is the classroom instructor or home-school parent’s best resource for truly teaching the skill of résumé writing. The short course includes the all-important component of pre-resume skills assessment, including worksheets. Once skills are assessed and information is gathered, the course enters the next step: the art of résumé writing. Each section has an end-of-section worksheet asking questions to cement the knowledge gained in that section. The final section covers FFA CDE Interview Competition Preparation. 
An accompanying Teacher’s Edition will soon be available from The WORD Company USA. The Teacher’s Edition includes relevant EALRs, GLEs and lesson plans. Complete unit takes approximately 5-8 classroom hours. Make sure you purchase the Teacher’s Edition with the green cover graphic. The blue one goes with a different textbook.