Spelling & Vocabulary Via Poetry

Not just for homeschooled families, the RSVP (Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Presentation) series of textbooks is a great tool for public and parochial schools, as well.

Created in April of 2011, this new series will be expanded over the next several years.

A must-have vocabulary and spelling textbook for both home-school parents and English teachers. Eighth grade level spelling and vocabulary skills lesson textbook using poetry as the basis for coordinated reading, spelling, vocabulary, writing and recitation lessons. To achieve the highest level of reading comprehension, there is no shortcut to, or substitute for, learning to use tens of thousands of words in their various contextual applications. Easy-to-use lessons encourage students to read and appreciate poetry while building vocabulary and spelling skills in the quest for enhanced reading comprehension. General EALRs included. Part of the RSVP Reading2Presentation Skill-Building Series. Digital worksheet print set available for purchase at www.wordcopro.com in the Home-school resources section.

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